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Choosing Wooden Gates

Why Wooden Gates?

With attractive styles and strong security attributes wooden gates are the most popular choice for both domestic and commercial properties. Generally, homes will want to enhance their appearance were as businesses units will want to focus their attention on protecting their premises. Essentially wooden gates are effective in both areas.

Materials & Production

Modern technology has seen the quality of manufacturer and production of wooden gates rise over the years. Due to the different machinery, the variety of designs and styles that can be created has expanded and it has also helped to reduce costs and help towards environmental sustainability. It also means that your wooden gates can be furthered tailored to your requirements making them available to desired specifications.


Wood- Sustainable, Renewable & Efficient

Using the special properties that wood contains ensures that you receive an affective an efficient product. If you need a gate to work in a certain way; i.e. for increased security and protection, then wood is recommended. It has several assets that make it beneficial, noting that it is durable, robust and hardwearing which makes it capable of handling daily activities and harsher conditions. Therefore, it is ideal for businesses, commercial premises and industrial units that need to put confidence in a reliable product.

  • Conserving Energy
  • Emphasise on Security
  • Soundproofing
  • Robust Construction

Aesthetic Features

Wood – Traditional, Classic & Timeless

Forever associated with creating character wood is the material of choice when it comes to creating a gate that can make a feature to your property. Make a statement, add a welcoming note or simply give your home appeal with the individuality of a wooden gate. From choosing your personal colour in any type of paint, varnish or stain or to the style/design you select everything about it can be unique. It can even increase your home’s value whilst offering you the charm of a whole new entrance to your property.

  • Striking Looks
  • Beautiful Designs
  • Varying Styles

Advice, Support and Contact Information

Derby Gates continue to evolve and produce a team of professional and skilled industry experts. Our wooden gates provide the perfect solution to those wanting to add both character, appeal and increased security to any type of property. For further advice or information on our wooden gates or any of our other products or services that may be of interest to you. Please contact us on our details below.

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Written by Luke Walsh