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Wooden Gates


Over recent years the popularity of wooden gates has continued to increase and it has become one of the most common gates we install. They offer a variety of benefits to properties such as their unique look and longevity. More often or not people select wood because it is befitting to their properties characteristics.

With such a vast range of styles available from ourselves you can easily find something to match your individual tastes. Not only does wood look beautiful it is also strong and durable making it an added security benefit. With gate panels you can easily retain your privacy and prevent intruders and unwanted trespassers.

With so many great advantages to installing a wooden gate you will defiantly be able to reap the rewards and see a return on your investment. You can easily add to your properties value and create a great feature to adorn the exterior of your premises.

Our wooden gates derby installation team provide the very best in quality products and workmanship. We pride ourselves on offering our customers an excellent experience from sales to completion and we are there every step of the way. From help guiding you to choosing the most suitable wooden gate to a superb installation we won’t let you down.

We provide a wide range of wooden gates, whether you need it for your garden, for agricultural purposes or for your driveway, we have something for everyone, whether you want to spend a little or a lot, we have wooden gates to suit budgets of all sizes.

We have a variety of wooden gates to complement every home, available in a wide range of finishes and in different types of wood depending on your needs. Whether you are searching for timber gates, field gates, garden gates or wicket gates, we can accommodate your specific requirements

We always strive to provide an excellent service to all our customers. We encourage our customers to really think about the design of their wooden gates to ensure it blends in seamlessly to their existing property and blends in with the environment.

For advice on the types of wooden gates that we can provide for you, please get in touch.