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Electric Gates for Property Protection

Protect your home with Electric Gateselectric-gates-derby

“Installing electric gates into properties is about achieving the right balance of safety and aesthetics”

You’re Properties Front

When it comes to security you need to address the front of your property first. If a burglar attempts to approach your home, they will firstly attempt too by the front. From there our first thought would be too block their attack with an electric gate.

By using low fences and low hedges around the front of your property you leave the intruder feeling vulnerable. You can easily heighten the fear of vulnerability by installing security lighting and gravel pathways. This method is more suited to houses situated on built up roads and estates.

For property that is in quieter suburbs were onlookers are minimal then you will find they will benefit even more from using electric gates. Homeowners will want to be more visual with their security. By installing taller and bolder defences at the front of your property you make it more difficult for the trespasser. Create high fences and wall perimeters and increase deterrents by adding trellises or prickly bushes on top.

You’re Properties Back

A common approach taken by intruders is to try to enter your property from the rear where they are far less likely to be spotted. Due to the rear of properties being concealed the chances of being exposed to the public is all but eliminated, therefore you need to employ different security tactics. Installing electric gates to the rear of your property can be an excellent security feature as well as adding better access for any vehicles you may own.

When considering electric gates and fencing for the back of the property choose options that provide barriers to potential intruders. The security features you use should discourage climbing but shouldn’t impede on neighbours or public views of your property.

Side and Back Gates

If the back of your property can’t be accessed from the front, then you should install a high and robust electric gate that is capable of being locked. This is because you want to prevent trespassers from being able to enter the back of your property where they will go unseen. They should be positioned level with the front of the property so it is easily visible to the public.

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Written by Luke Walsh