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Automatic Barriers


Automatic Barriers Derby Specialists

Automatic barriers are a great solution for controlled access onto your premises. Automatic barriers are more convenient than manual opening gates. There are many modes by which automatic barriers are controlled such as remote control, keypad, intercom/telephone, and sensor.

If you run a large business, controlling who comes in and out of your premises is important. At Standguard Gates we specialise in the supply & installation of automatic barriers in a variety of lengths and sizes. Over the years with both our automatic barriers and our automatic bollards derby technicians we have become adept in installing these systems for the purposes of security for many properties. Within the security industry automatic barriers, bollards and access control systems have increased in popularity as solutions to security and property protection for businesses and large commercial premises.
Automatic barriers work by having a long aluminium beam, which is hinged on a totem this contains the motor and control equipment. When access has been granted, the barrier then rises up, how this access is granted is up to you, whether its through an intercom, staff member or ticket system. We have built up a great reputation within Derbyshire especially for the quality and benefit of our products such as these. If you feel you could gain from one of these security systems then you could contact a member of our automatic barriers derby specialists today or even see how one of our many gates could help you. Maybe you would like to invest in our equally as valuable electric, wooden or wrought iron gates; why not contact one of the gates derby team on 01332 895910 today!