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Access Control


We offer automatic gates and door entry systems to a wide range of clients who are in need of added security, whether domestic or commercial.

We can safely install any type of door entry system on your premises. We provide a range of solutions such as Intercom GSM, Telephone intercom systems, wireless intercoms, and audio intercom systems. Our staff are trained to the highest level, ensuring that all installations are safe and secure.

Especially for commercial premises its important to monitor who is coming in and out of the building, as well as only granting access to employees. This is why access control solutions are so beneficial, there are a wide range of option from low security, to very high security, depending on the size and nature of the business.

Electronic Interlock Systems

“Air lock” type systems, are particularly effective in cash handling and environment control situations. No further entry can be made until the entry door is locked. Suitable for many situations such as cash handling.

Simple Programming
Indicators for Interlock & Door Status
Operates with Access Control Systems


On-line systems can offer reports of movement, times of entry and exit, certain staff or persons can be restricted from entry through certain areas, which allows managers to control staff movement effectively. These systems also offer temporary staff and visitors access options either via full or restricted access for certain doors and areas together with a start and end date, ensuring security is maintained after the temporary visit has expired.

Key Pads

Keypads are quite low in security but offer a simple security fix, allowing a 4-8 digit code to be programmed to release locking or offer a required signal to open doors / gates etc. This is a great option for smaller businesses and isn’t as costly as some of the higher security options.

For very high security measures you could even install finger print scanners, which allows access through the scanning of fingerprints, these will be cross checked through a computer database which will grant access.

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